PENANG I'M IN LOVE ( part ii )

assalamualaikum and hallo peopleeee....

last post i've talked about the town georgetown.

i'm in love with the buildingssss, the people., the street food.

 then the evening after zohor prayer, me and Bahtina went to Batu Ferringhi(BF)

i sure you the journey to BF BY CAT bus was the longest in my life ever.
with the snake like road.
but we enjoyed the scenery of beach by the road.
those signature view .

really cool
on the bus actually we didn't know the exact place to stop the bus .
so i asked this sweet high school girl.
she stop the bus for us in front of our budget hotel.
surely the hotel is not really cool from the outside but reallly beautiful inside.
with the open rooftop where we enjoyed our breakfast in the next day.

we asked for 3 person room and the beds were super cool.
the picture below was our room.

together with a TV and little snack.
the tv full with blockbusters movie.

when we arrived there, Bahtina and yana can't help themselve from fall to sleep.

i can't sleep. cannot.
why we must sleep when our true intention there was to travel and sight seeing?

after take the bath ( the bathroom is super coooollll . simple but elegant, didn't get the time to snap the picture :( )
i strolled by the beach. looked what peoole were doing.
compare the prices of the waterspodt there.
my true intention was to try PARASAILING!
the price was around 50-60MYR PER PERSON.

feeling like meditation with the beach cap in the room...LOL

i cannot move on with the beauty of the interior design of the room.
i stayed at the roomies .. in cinema room.(150 per night) sharing with my two friends.

the view in the evening during the walk.

at night we just walked to the night market by the beach.
some said it is happening during night.

1/2 happening for me and that night was raining and the nasi lemak that we wanted to buy closed so early.:(
ended up eating burger...:3

on the next morning, after shower and all, done our prayer, we went to the beach again...
MAK AIII, soo many alcohol bottles everywhere.

we found one brother ni, offer us with parasaiiling which we found the rate is the lowest la from the others,
and the distance they offer also the longest which was 1km i guess.
only me and Bahtina ride the thing.
we ride it ALONE  okay!
no tandem...
we felt like our heart wanted to fall off when we were taken by the boat and up the sea like sooooooooo highhhh,,,
then came all those killer story about the parasailing.
i just can't stop say the prayers...>.<

after that thing, we packed our bag, and eat some breakfast that the hotel provided.
we met a handsome mat salleh guy..>.<
so tall weh. 
and we also met an Austria girl. travelling alone.
they stayed at the same hotel.

after check out, went to ESCAPE. but we went there after the GST implemented so the price was so gila high and we need to spend like 5 hour.
we were running out of time to catch the bus to go back home lagi.
we canceled the games..:(
feel bad but at least we had been there.. at  the gate..>.<

then we go back to the town and look for Jeruk at Chowrasta. the biggest jeruk stall.
also before depart back, we went to eat some ABC and mee udang..

feel bad that i don't have time to go to Tanjung Bungah... but there are still have next time..

so that's the wrap.
hope enjoy reading.:D

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