Letter To You


If only you are reading this which i am very sure you are not. 
i am sending the secret message to you.

Remember when we were first met. i never ever bother of who you are before we are in the same class. But after we were in the same class. I found you are a very kind friend. very.
a very gentle person. Funny 

you are so nice to me and most of us. 

the only moment that i really stumbled by your , I dont know ; kindness maybe. 
you were waiting for me ; eating my lunch. 
yeah it turned out i asked you why you were still there in the room ; after noticing a very awkward situation sitting with you in the room.

and you just simply said ' Just want to lock the door. I am the ketua kelas remember?'

i was dumbfounded because you can just simply asked me to lock the door. LOL

since then i knew you are a very nice friend.

when you always said nice words to me in the lab when the Doctors scolded me for not answering the questions right. I am really find you a very nice friend .

when you were also cheered me up when college dinner rehearsal *oops*..
i feel brightened up because a nice friend of mine cheered for me from the front.you were seating in the front.

the moment you said ' lemme play the guitar to you so you can fall for me'
if only you knew my cheeks were so warm because Allah know how much blood yang flow.. 

you are so nice..  

but you know one thing. i was freaking never bother of you. 

we did went out together with other group member . watching movie .
you remember Chinesse movie? LOL it was so super funny when i thought about it. we were crying like hell dalam cinema but clever enough to fake tears. 
keluar cinema semua hidung merah mata bengkak.

when we were out to KLCC . eating popcorn and watching people . sharing stories.

that night i Dont know like whenever i told stories and you keep supporting . 

that was super memorable. you guys being a very nice person.

This is a letter for you. Just if ever happend you are reading. 
This is a confession .:)

You are a very nice person/guy. 😻


Surgery Posting ;The OnCall

Bismillahirrahmanirrahim πŸ’•πŸ’•

Writing this post at 1.12 am 2/7/2017

suddenly teringat on how great surgery posting was.
how great the people ,the nurses the surgeons.

the most memorable moments for me personally was not in operation theater eventho the posting mostly in the OT.
but i will forever miss the oncall

first oncall ☺
I remembered I was so blurred, dumb and had nothing to do.
First timer.

but Alhamdulillah there was awesome seniors 5th year yang sudi tolong and terangkan little bit about oncall that night.
the 3rd year team pun suportive .

and most unforgettable moments was when Dr Lim always asking us whether we had our dinner or not, had shower or not. sedangkan she herself pun had not get the dinner yet.

and she asking the HO dah makan ke belom, kalau belom makan she will take away for him. she is very niceeeee.
but now she is in Upper GI team already.

she even explain to us dearly on how she wants the oncall going.

' This oncall supposely we want to know the current issue of the patient, if they still in the ward , why? if they had ulcers or wounds ,are they going to heal well or infected.' sedikit sebanyak what Dr Lim   said. 

And after that the seniors macam agihkan tugas to us. we shared the current issue of the patient together. very supportive seniors ..

And kebetulan on that night the MO surgery  was called to the Emergency sebab ada kes intestional Obstruction ( something obstruct the usus) .

btw , I was in colorectal team :)

at ED( emergency ) ada DR Diana  πŸ’— yang comel and still Dr Lim. I thought Dr Lim was going down to buy some food but she went to ED wehhh helping Dr Diana too.

seriously we are like one big team weh handling the case. well yeah Me personally not really helping with the branula but still I give my hand out too. Holding patients data :3

Dr will arah us like
' Adik please amek branule size ........'
'Adik please hold the patient's documents and xrays'
'Adik please amek normal saline'
'Adik help me out with the branula '
'Adik send this uncle to ward , we need to go OT fast'

and we like crazy searching for all those things yang Dr minta in ED which was I am not familiar with. 
and tengok akak 5th insert cannula, while DR Diana observing.
seriously she is cool with her ponytail semua.

Miss you Dr Diana.πŸ’“

that was in the ED.

the patient sent to the wards pulak.

and the chaotic moments happend in wards pulak.
bila Dr minta oxygen,antibiotics prophylaxis and insering CBD.

when HO really like crazy too running around nak trace result , tak sempat nak masuk CBD, Dr MO terus like tolong him and said ' Adik you go trace result ,lemme do this' . Gittuw

and then this moment when my ultimate Bae came πŸ’˜
I have many Bae(s) in surgery departments :D 

she arahkan people to take all those pre operation stuff like antibiotics semua tu.

then when semua dah settel , patients went to OT, I thought on call dah habis .
but wehhh..
night ward round belom. sebab terhenti was due to the uncle earlier in ED. then sambung rounds .

and lagi Dr Diana asked about patient progress and the investigations
time ni memang rasa third year macam dengar je sebab every freaking questions Dr akan make sure final year akan jawab dulu.

and yeas. we jot down the note.

katanya Dr Diana
'Third year jangan kecik hati aku beratkan final years, sebab sekarang if they dont know boleh ajar, jangan keluar UKM tak tahu , malu ukm nanti'

ada soalan yes can raised your hands.
but beware.
in med school not every question will be answer. sometimes our question will be answer by a questions too. and next what we have to do? Go back and read..:3

and from that oncall juga aku baru tahu normal urine output .
0.5-1 ml/kg/hour yer guyssss

so calculate based on your weight duhhh.

there was also moments when Ms Nora , she sit in front of computer making slides presentation and in the same time asking us questions and we are free to google.
she asked and if we answer it wrong she will corrected it.
Masuk clinic dia pun best even first she look quite garang.

aku ingat lagi dia tanya pasal SIRS. please google.
and we like crazy googled too.:3

the other day in the ward she randomly asked us about autoimmune haemolytic anaemia. fuuhhh

okay back to oncall  πŸ˜€ and when oncall dah sampai around 11 pm, Dr Diana like asked us the third year where are we staying, should you guys stay sampai habis, . and lastly she asked us to go back. Thank you major love Dr.<3

And yes tak pernah nampak Dr Diana marah-marah. or Dr lim marah-marah
kalau tak senyum tu biasa .

I had such a great oncall memories because of them. the seniors ,the MO surgeon.:)

serious banyak benda boleh belajar from one freaking on call. from other team pun boleh belajar juga.:)

but prepare first to be asked.

hopefully in final in the same team / Upper GI / Vascular.
these three team awesomeeeee.

 Thank you sebab sudi baca .Writing from home on the bed. 

Last but not least. our photo memory with forever ever awesome -one of my Bae surgeon.
Ms Reynu .πŸ’™ Spot Her.:)



Assalamualaikum .

Aku tau it was so long since aku tak jot something  here.
because maybe aku rasa that things tak penting pun.
but today. aku rasa aku nak share my excitement with my readers.

Aku memang dah follow Teme Abdullah ever since my friend introduce me to his Instagram . which in his Instagram are all about buildings and drawings which aku memang suka giloos.

I've read Pelukis Jalaana. Barai air mata nih.Cis
And now he made a comeback with his second masterpiece ; Arkitek Jalanan.
sumpah tipu kalau cakap tak barai lagi air mata ni.

barai jugak.
ingat last air mata time O&G posting je. Cis

What make this book more interesting was the front page which I believe Teme's drawings juga.

and mostnya aku excited about the content.
kali ni he story about how he juggle with his final year, target to get first degree and in the same time menulis pelukis jalanan(his ever first book)

Aku sangat suka every chapter , he will mulakan dengan his drawings which give a view about what he was gonna tell.

sticky notes aku rasa dah banyak tampal dekat buku -buku dia.
sebab the way he presenting the story, aku suka.
Simple, nampak remaja( ecewah) and straight to the heart.

Aku remember one quotes la from his book
' apa yang kau tulis from heart will go to heart' . Something liddat la.

Aku banyak belajar dari buku ni.
belajar erti kawan
belajar erti jangan putus asa
belajar that you have each other when you studying far from family ( ni memang kena dengan kes aku). Yeah aku admit even just KUL-TGN but still weh jauh.

kena tunggu cuti lama baru boleh fikir pasal balik.

and foremost aku belajar yang kau perlu aim tinggi tinggi.
kalau ada first degree class, aim for that
kalau ada Anugerah Diraja , aim for that.

sebab kau kena tahu selama hari ni from tadika sampai sekarang, kau belajar untuk masuk universiti. kalau kau main main, all your efforts will be sia sia. Doa mak ayah sebelum ni, macam sia sia.

Allahu tiba tiba rasa bersalah sebab aku pernah juga main main.

And kau punya aim mesti kawan rapat kau at least tahu supaya kalau kau off track dia akan nasihat kan kau balik.
sebab usaha mesti setimpal dengan impian. Jangan jadi seperti angan angan Mat Jenin.

aku belajar juga how close you and your friend will be. one of the activities done  together Ahmad and Teme was solat berjemaah.

Solat berjemaah mengikat tali ukhuwwah i may say. I try to instill into my self juga. sebab apa guna ada kawan tapi tak boleh ajak jemaah sekali.
memang malu duhh nak ajak jemaah sekali. but when your friend said 'OK'
rasa macam 'wehhh thannnk youuuu'

Memang buku ni ubah mindset aku terhadap degree yang aku ambik sekarang.
ubah impian aku

Bukan nak ubah course tapi ubah Aim.
Aim untuk Professional exam. aim untuk banggakan mak ayah lagi.
Aim untuk jadi fellow kepada surgeon yang kau minat (UpperGI team,Coloreactal Team hatss off)
Ataupun aim nak jadi fellow Medical under specialist yang ajar kau macam macam time medical student.

Terima Kasih Teme for the book. Such an inpsiration.
Aku akan spread the positivity of your bokks to others as well.

Ada rezeki nak jumpa. Nak express to him by myself how this book really means so much.
Just like how I express to Dr Beni about his story of Dr Roy Azman.

' Tak perlu letak tajuk Dakwah pun , kalau betul isinya membawa mesej dakwah '
by:Teme Abdullah

13/05/2017; 3:05 pm