Assalamualikum. fiuhhhh...
it is a very lonnnnnggggggggggggggg time not writing .

acquired a something that is really heavy like 'amanah' makes people to expect more from us.
seriously talking.
i just exhausted getting people's high expectations.
seniors', parents' and friends'
 their expectations to me just like how they want me to be.
but some people know my limitations, but there are some people that expect me to be someone who really got the power.

like once you got a 'pangkat' doesn't mean you change from 100% human  to 100% angels..
you still the human who has flaw and sinful.

i can do my best for myself.
lately, i learnt that ' do not do something for the totally the sake of another person'
because you end up getting bored with what you are doing.
just be with what and who you enjoy.

like medicine, it is very interesting..:)
can i be the doctor for ummah?
the doctor that serve for her patients?
in shaa allah..:)
hope so.

like studying medicine also, that's not all about getting A's and happy and getting married afterward.
you fail, you get up and getting fail again ,getting scolded .. that's life.

just face it..

you got one chance to live.
so live the way you want to be...

at the end of the day, if i make mistakes, please forgive me.
i'm a human anyway.
i make flawssss... LOTS

my friends, please together guide to the straight path...:D

P/S: video matlutfhi arrive just at time.