Sem 2 Is Just Around The Corner.

Assalam alaikum.....

Next week gonna step my feet at Palam again..>.<

syukur still ada jodoh and chances to  study there..

i miss both place.

my home and Palam...
Palam give me an outsanding memory. I already miss my home already  [even belum pergi lagi..:3 ]

already miss my umi's cooking..yummy..:

many plans have been set up..In shaaAllah dengan izinNya,jadi.

not gonna be too leisure..

miss my study table ,roomate, cafe, Tangga Palam..[ erkkkk] 

 ^ view from my window [malam] nampak bandor dari jauh je.

^ the table soooo messy.. 

my classmates.

hope dapat madam yang best-best-daebak-

hope my friends feel motivated to continue their study..;)
eventhough i know most of us feel like * arghhhh...so malas! *


keep going and never stop and [ continue watching conan ] ^_^v




yea,me ,spending the whole holiday with kindda girly[?]stuff
like watching K-drama,
and watching twilight..:D

sinc i watched twilight after i watch the heirs,i recognise some thing..
some time i think 'does the heirs copied some of the twilight's things?

1) i recognise the way CES wears shirt is just like Bella.
yea wearing t-shirt and outer shirt cardigan and converse shoes.

2) the second hero ride a bike!!
Choi Yong Do ride a bike in Heirs ; just like Jacob in twilight..
yea ,maybe just coincidence,but CYD much better in his bike..;)

3) the dream catcher that both of them use..
both the story use dream catcher. the different is dream catcher in heirs much better..

dream catcher [twilight]

dream catcher [ heirs]

4) about Cha Eun Sang Midsummer Night Dream note yang she post at notice board college Kim Tan.
the  term is also story that inspires Stephanie Meyer to write twilight..:D .Just coincident.

i'm not saying that heirs copied twilight,
but maybe just coincidence.

but yea. in heirs you cannot find a cold skin vampire[s]
and yea,,, heirs is much better.
just couples of come in my mind 'bout the mutual things
between twilight and heirs..
and I just feel free to share…

you know,how lavishly[?] spend my holiday.
nothing to do!!!
just uselessly watching movies....

next sem baru terhegeh-hegeh nak start momentum baru..
me ; never learn from past...:'(

 # OK janji ni last post 'bout movies.stories#[ in shaa Allah]

ok.till then [bye][Assalam alaik]



YA Allah!

the most horror day for me when I have to sit beside my friend who is ‘very pro’ in driving!!!

I just couldn’t stop screaming in my heart.
My heart pounds very fast each second.

Jane relax je drive !!

She goes  whenever she like without giving the signal first.

Ya..if I am driving behind her,I will yell at her just because she didn’t give the signal..
but yang aku tak leh blah.boleh dia kate lupa nak bagi signal.
Banyak kali pulak..

And she drive very fast at U turn…
Memang macam nak terbalik kereta tuh!!

Jane memang ‘pro’!!

Dia memang membuatkan aku always ingat Allah..
Bagus Jane..
memang haru je aku dengan Nad..
Keluar je kereta,memang syukur boleh jejak tanah lagi…:3

Feeling like I sit at the front, just like ‘abang JPJ’ je..

‘Jane molek lubang depan tu’
‘Jane laju sangat ni’
‘Jane break!!!’
‘Jane jangan perlahan sangat kat junction,nanti orang belakang maroh ‘

Horror but tu lah moments nye aku duduk sebelah Jane tgh driving…;)

ni time nak pergi tengok pameran venomous animals.


but overall,that day was DAEBAK (y)

i had fun on that day.
lenguh kaki-kaki..

dengan Dodi yang bawak laju ,kitorang cuak giler nak follow dari belakang..
dengan  tak de hala tuju nak ke mana..
tetiba pergi sini, tetiba pergi sana...

but a lot of fun..

  cover cun la Jane..Nad tersipu malu je senyum.. 

the tarantula is soo cuteeee..:)

 beware...this is obor-obor yg cute yet venomous.