Letter To You


If only you are reading this which i am very sure you are not. 
i am sending the secret message to you.

Remember when we were first met. i never ever bother of who you are before we are in the same class. But after we were in the same class. I found you are a very kind friend. very.
a very gentle person. Funny 

you are so nice to me and most of us. 

the only moment that i really stumbled by your , I dont know ; kindness maybe. 
you were waiting for me ; eating my lunch. 
yeah it turned out i asked you why you were still there in the room ; after noticing a very awkward situation sitting with you in the room.

and you just simply said ' Just want to lock the door. I am the ketua kelas remember?'

i was dumbfounded because you can just simply asked me to lock the door. LOL

since then i knew you are a very nice friend.

when you always said nice words to me in the lab when the Doctors scolded me for not answering the questions right. I am really find you a very nice friend .

when you were also cheered me up when college dinner rehearsal *oops*..
i feel brightened up because a nice friend of mine cheered for me from the front.you were seating in the front.

the moment you said ' lemme play the guitar to you so you can fall for me'
if only you knew my cheeks were so warm because Allah know how much blood yang flow.. 

you are so nice..  

but you know one thing. i was freaking never bother of you. 

we did went out together with other group member . watching movie .
you remember Chinesse movie? LOL it was so super funny when i thought about it. we were crying like hell dalam cinema but clever enough to fake tears. 
keluar cinema semua hidung merah mata bengkak.

when we were out to KLCC . eating popcorn and watching people . sharing stories.

that night i Dont know like whenever i told stories and you keep supporting . 

that was super memorable. you guys being a very nice person.

This is a letter for you. Just if ever happend you are reading. 
This is a confession .:)

You are a very nice person/guy. 😻