Unexpected .


Okay let's skip to my ever excitements when talked about the super awesome Doctors and Mr (surgeon) because it will be never ending. [serious]

i wanted to emphasize on what had happen this week .

first, i changed my orthopedics rotation to Sports team , which i do not want to emphasize sangat pun.

second is when you really facing one of your patient in the ward, almost having his sakratul maut. 
i barely knew him. I just got the opportunity to spoke to him; getting medical history from him once. 
in the previous week. He just came in with necrotizing fasciitis ( google it please). Everything looks good  except with his leg and his breathing problems.
the wife also very supportive and so on. 
on that day, i saw few of the family were around him, reciting Yaasin. And when i read the bed ticket, his condition deteriorated and needed for oxygen supply.

seriously, that was one of the silent moment in my life because   you are about to see someone to pass. That feeling.

the very next day , i try to look at his condition, his breathing slow down compared to the previous day i saw him. I felt little bit lega however. on the same day, 1 hour after our lecture with our Professor, he had passed away. 

Just you imagine, the moment everyone is doing something else (ie : operation surgery, attending lecture or eating) , Malaikatul Maut is also doing his ultimate one and only job. That was also one of the silent moment for me, to think what am i doing on the same moment he passed away. did i do something good or otherwise? Nauzubillah.

Can you imagine that MalaikatulMaut can even take away your life ( with the will of Allah) on the same moment.? 

I prayed nothing except Allah grant him Jannah to the late patient.

“Everybody know death is inevitably coming, but it never fails to catch everybody by surprise everytime one is going” 
                                                          [HlovateContengan Jalanan]

Semoga Allah menenrima amalan - amalan para muslimin .

Let's think that , MalaikatulMaut visit us in average  of 70x per day. Just like what i am doing right now, no one know except Allah that i've been visited by Malaikatul Maut. 

Death is Allah's secret. The time how we gonna die, it is all in Allah's care. 

So that we prepare all the time. Always do good geed and follow Allah's order because, 'Do you want to meet Allah in the midst of us doing kemungkaran?'

This is quite a big and serious topic, but it does not mean we cannot speak of it at all. Reflection is good, so that we do not lose our tract to Jannah.

'Syarat untuk mati bukanlah Tua, tetapi Hidup' so all of us will taste death. 

Because now, young people eager to get married , up until they almost forget, either death or marriage will come to them first.

Our deeds in life, which path that they will  send us;