PENANG, I'M IN LOVE ( part 1)

assalamualaikum . 
breathe in ,,, breathe out....

i have been planning to go to penang a long time a go.
i don't know why i'm sooo interested in penang.

the buildings maybe.
and yea, after i went there, i am more in love with it.

the heritage, the people, the food, the public transport.
everything is good for me.:D

i went there from TBS and arrive at butterworth.
the butterworth bus station near to ferry station where you need the ferry to go to georgetown if you don't want to go there by car
it's so convenient.

 it is my first time stepping my feet there, so i asked a lot of Questions to people.

and Alhamdulillah. the people are so friendly. the aunties.

 the were when we really don't know the street , the aunt just hear a little of our conversation then she interrupted to show us the road.
without we asked .
we met other tourist who asked us to take her photo.
i lost my phone! and i found it back.(fiuhhhhh)
there were lots of memories there.
 once arrived at the jetty at gorgetown , we took rapid penang. CAT rapid penang is free. we arrived at 6 am. we decide to go to the mosque to perform solat.

we went to Masjid Kapitan Keling. 
the signature Mosque there.
we ate Nasi Kandar beside the mosque.
ok la. just tinggal the leftover   of last night. 
we waited till sun rise then we just walk around the Masjid. 
the Masjid can be the landmark if you want to search for mural paintings. 

the murals located far from each other, to walk to each of them is really not a wise idea.
so as we walked , we saw a shop that rent the bicycle. so we rented it.

we kindda lucky because we nee to pay rm8 from 8am to 3pm.
the other shop is like kindda higher in price.
the shop taker will give you the map where the mural located.

just follow the map..:)

it is a new way of travelling weh.
by bicycle in a town where the bus is so vigorously on road? 
why not.:)

one thing that i don't really like is the honking of cars and busses.

 those 'mata sembap' on the ferry and the joy of having nasi kandar pagi-pagi buta...>.<
 the ancient looking street . the heritage seriously we need to make it last..

 my partner in crime ; Bahtina.
like seriously we did a crazy thing. just the day we did the vacay, couple of days after that will be the exam.
the bicycle we took, so cute with the basket in front. the shopper also gave advices to us about the thieves, so she secured our bag with the key.

 the camera museum i suggested to those who really love to know the history of cameras, rm 10 per person.

 by walking or bicycle is the only wise transport for you to hunt the mural paintings.
i really cut down the money on food ;  we eat only the rojak and cendol.
the best cendol and rojak ever!
no doubt.
i'm not a cendol lover but when i tasted it, the coldness of the cendol melts my heart.

we only eat a proper food when we reach Batu Ferringhi.
later with the Batu Ferringhi because there is a lot awesomeness for watersport lovers.

till then , byenye...

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