"Orang yang berjaya bukanlah tidak pernah gagal,tetapi mereka bangkit selepas gagal..

few week hectic with exams!!!! 
 if dulu dulu takdelah rasa being a student ni macam susah, but, beberapa hari before exam hari tu,
macam nak call abah and suruh dia kahwinkan je aku denngan sesape,. malas jadi student, jadi housewife je


but then, 

Nasihat Imam Syafi'i, "Jika kamu tidak kuat menanggung lelahnya belajar, maka kamu akan merasakan perihnya kebodohan"

i learnt couple of things from my roomate.
basicaly it happened when i'm soo downnnn like omg-i'm-not-yet-getting-ready-for-exam!!!!

few from her words are.

- do good deed to Allah's creatures, all of them. birds, cats and trees. they might be praying for you due to your good deed.

- worry less, because Allah has set a path for human. 

i really feel the words are really meant to me as i really keep worrying something that even i can't change it. for example exam result la.

this sem will be the most hectic exam all of my life....  i failed many subjects.
man. i just feel okay because yea,it's not the only me who got the same result. 
but then, worrying about how future will come to me, tears keep coming down for that.

feeling stupid because try to take care of Allah's work.

i did my best. and we leave it to Allah. even there are subject that i don't have time to cover. i know Allah will give the best for. if the result will turn out not nicely, i pray to Allah for strength to endure it.
this is life.

it's not going as you plan but it's going as Allah's plan.

plan the best. expect less , hurt less. keep praying.

i think i didn;t really make it. so i think i need to put all of my books in the luggage i guess..;)
but don't forget to tawakal and doa.:D

arwah yasmin ahmad gave  a very nice quotes. -work hard,doa,do best to your parents. that's the key to success.:)

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