Feeling rejected

The moment I’m writing , yea, quite feeling rejected
I had felt the same feeling before and today I feel more I can handle this kind of feeling.
instead of planting yourself in other people it is better to plant yourself to The Creator.
So even though many people forget me even though due to my mistakes or theirs, you won’t feel anything because maybe I have immune to it.
There’s a lot more person that I need to care of,

Maybe I need to give them space
Maybe I’m too clingy
Lots of maybe.

And at the end of the day, I just stay who I am and be obedient to the Creator. That’s it.
The key to calmness.
Just like the early time when I enter UKM, I feel alone.
Yea, despite having so much people around me at that time.

Time to be more matured.
Not to be touching because small matter
Stay calm even though you’re alone
Sooner or later you will be a loner too.
Alone when eating. Alone when studying.
Alone when walking..

maybe next time next to be more 'qawiy' in handling self problems...:D

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