Alhamdulillah.today [06.02] ,i'm turning to a more matured youngster [inshaAllah]

having great friends around, great supportive family and faith to Allah,makes me alive today.:)
alhamdulillah He is still giving me chances to continue my life. to repent for all my sins,rectify my faults to others, to makes more pahala in future & to be more viable.

great friends in asasi. great friends from high school. 
first thing first that i did today was calling my mom and dad.
ya,i know they hardly to remember all their children's  birthday. and hearing motivation phrase and supplications from them makes your heart in serenity and calm. the best birthday wishing from beloved brother & friends [ friendship 'till jannah].. 

i realize i'm growing OLD!! however,older means that your way of thinking also must be more matured.

[i think i need to think 'about what i'm gonna to do with my life beside chasing my dreams and my dream guy; architect yet an ustaz..^^ ]

thank you all my friends. singing Happy Birthday song in lecture hall and also in front of Chemistry Lab. you guys rock!!!

thank Allah for putting me here. He knows what i don't even know. 

*hugging and kiss for my forever beloved parents.
*big hugs for Aimi & Nad.. first two person who wish me birthday. 12.01 am i guess..:D
*big love for FiQdeEn. for the doas .hope be the person that you wish me to be.:D
*to all palamians chingus, you 're so everything. the brightest, coolest ,funniest homo sapiens i ever met [am i too exaggerate?] hahaha.

#friends .sisters.#

gift from Bihah (NaBH4] .^_^

kamsahamnida Bihah.:) for the bracelet.it's so cute.^^

thanks for cheering my gloomy days at Asasi.;)

super poyos friends. thanks for completing my life.:)

#friendship and sisterhood 'till Jannah.:D


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