i've been watching this melodrama and family movie..
really heartwarming and yeah.....my tears streaming down, in every scene in this movie...

and funny of course....

seriously i'm suggesting this movie.. 

this story is all about a mental-retarded- father's love towards his wise daughter.
it is also about the discrimination towards the mental-ill  person. The father[Yonggu] is sent to prison because has been accused abducting and killing a child who is the chief police's daughter because he is at the moment when the child is found landing on ground with no moving.
yeah..with the power, the chief make him admitted the crime that he did not do it by hitting him and blackmailing him that the chief will do the same to Yesung before the court hearing. due to his love towards his daughter to his daughter,he admitted it.

through his day in the cell,he met his inmates who are funny and determine to clean his charge.
he is sentenced to death and Yesung did not know bout it and hoping for her father to be released from the prison.

for the most heartbreaking scene is before the execution. you must see it yourself.and you will realized that you really need boxes of tissue..

the movie is neatly arranged between  the present time[when Yesung has grown up] and the flashback [when she is little]

in the cell number 7,miracle happened. How friendship is built and strengthen,Father's love is beyond the  prison's hard wall.

how people with power use his power wrongly. thick love of the daughter towards her mental disable father.
 i'm start admire Park Shin hye's acting. she put herself fully into the character.

the talented actor,nice plotting movie and best story line makes the movie DAEBAK!!

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