salam alaik

now ,i'm waiting for my exam result :3
since in september i'll continue my study,so for the time being,i took a role as a teacher in taska..

dealing with kiddos made my whole day!

i'm a person who doesn't really like children.[past time]

when i heard about childrens' crying,i was just like 'please volume down the cry! '

so bad temper to the children. poor them.
but  now, i love the pureness of the children.[present time]

i just 2 days working there [alhamdulillah]

yeah,kiddo fight with their friends,trip each other and stole their friends' toys.
and lastly,all the friends cried,very badly. VERY BADLY!

the most wonderful moment when they start to tell the teachers bout their life at home.

'cikgu-cikgu,kita main game motor kat ipad ayah'
'cikgu-cikgu nak air,teman la kita gi dapur,kita takut ada pocong'

'cikgu nak biskut'
'cikgu nak cucu(susu)'

if i'm not looking at them they yell until i look at them back.
so annoyed for the first time.:3

the innocent look when they're telling the stories melt my heart...:D

people may say that my temporary job as a nanny, and i don't really mind.

actually,i feel afraid  at first. 'how i'm gonna to deal with the kiddos?',' how if they don't like me?'
'how i'm gonna to adapt with that?'.

so far so good. 

yeah. i got headache when the fought.
but,when they laughed, giggled and sang songs, they're entertaining me.:)

my parents think that my job kind of hard. i do think so.
so,i'm gonna try for a month. :D

we'll look what gonna happen in future. i love all my kiddos.

miss teacher

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