goosebumps never end!

salam alaik.

i've just end watching God's Gift 14 Days. the emotions are just ------> COOL/DAEBAK/THORBAIK!
mixed the feeling.
anger+ spoil + relieved + super duper sadness + lovely

#anger because the drama ended cliffhanging! i 'm wondering whether KDC died /not at the end of the story...thats also spoil my mood.
i really dont want KDC to die. He's the hero what! why should he died?
 it supposed the bad person who should sentence to death!
i also get angry when i knew the husband of Soo hyun cheated with soo hyun's junior! that's worst.
spoiled when the girl that KDC liked before is so annoying yet beautiful. :3
 seriously i said,i don't like Baro. he sometimes played the mental-retarded character too over.
but,he's talented until he makes me feel annoyed. hahaha. (Baro's fans don't loose your temper)

. when i know Han Saet Byul (HSB) didn't die. and soo hyun get her daughter back. 
.when KDC 's brother is released from prison and alive.
.when the terror of losing a child had ended.every episode makes my heart stopped yaw..

#super duper sadness
. when HSB first abducted during the live broadcasting where soo hyun work.
she cries intensely and yaw,as a girl, i cried too!! :'( (lee bo young succeed for soo hyun's role)
. when she had been beaten up by the kidnapper ( i mean she doesnt know the beater is the kidnapper/not),and she pleaded to the kidnapper to save her Daughter. Gosh, she shows the motherly love soooo deep towards her daughter.
. everytime KDC cries i was just like 'oppa don't cry please'..>.< (typical kDrama fan girl la)
.when HSB let herself go to the bad person in order to save KDC from being buried! BURIED! ALIVE!.
so human less! 

. it is vivid that KDC has  a feeling towards soo hyun. there is scene where he repeatedly saying that he doesn't have girlfriend eventhough soo hyun doesn't ask.
. however, HSB also had a crush towards KDC. until she asked KDC to wait another 10 years to marry her.then she kiss ahjussi's cheek. XD

.KDC repeatedly secretly stare at soo hyun and always helped to secure soo hyun.(auww)

#joke mood: on
.KDC is humor rich person. the way he talk and everything is just funny.

those are the reasons why i stick to the drama,even it has ended. i repeatedly watching the drama.:)

#hope can see more drama from Jo Seung Woo and Lee Bo Young in future..:D

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