yea,me ,spending the whole holiday with kindda girly[?]stuff
like watching K-drama,
and watching twilight..:D

sinc i watched twilight after i watch the heirs,i recognise some thing..
some time i think 'does the heirs copied some of the twilight's things?

1) i recognise the way CES wears shirt is just like Bella.
yea wearing t-shirt and outer shirt cardigan and converse shoes.

2) the second hero ride a bike!!
Choi Yong Do ride a bike in Heirs ; just like Jacob in twilight..
yea ,maybe just coincidence,but CYD much better in his bike..;)

3) the dream catcher that both of them use..
both the story use dream catcher. the different is dream catcher in heirs much better..

dream catcher [twilight]

dream catcher [ heirs]

4) about Cha Eun Sang Midsummer Night Dream note yang she post at notice board college Kim Tan.
the  term is also story that inspires Stephanie Meyer to write twilight..:D .Just coincident.

i'm not saying that heirs copied twilight,
but maybe just coincidence.

but yea. in heirs you cannot find a cold skin vampire[s]
and yea,,, heirs is much better.
just couples of come in my mind 'bout the mutual things
between twilight and heirs..
and I just feel free to share…

you know,how lavishly[?] spend my holiday.
nothing to do!!!
just uselessly watching movies....

next sem baru terhegeh-hegeh nak start momentum baru..
me ; never learn from past...:'(

 # OK janji ni last post 'bout movies.stories#[ in shaa Allah]

ok.till then [bye][Assalam alaik]

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