Break a Leg Dude!


I sat for MUET exam.
Speaking  test.

Yeah…what a tough work to do. But once you had been through it. You will feel relieved .
Ok. Talking ‘bout my experiences sitting it.

I’ve got a very warmth  group.
One is very talkative. He is the son of my sir at high school.
Very talkative. He is on Bachelor of Tech.Marine at UMT..
What.. I thought that we will be in the same age.
The other one is on bachelor of multimedia . At UnisZa.
The other one, who is girl. She studies at UniKL. Foundation.

For the first session ,individual session.
Well, thanks Allah I got a nice point.
Yeah, I’ve got many reasons to elaborate it.

And Alhamdulillah,I did not exceed  the time given.
I’m candidate C.
So I have much time to provide my ideas.

Overall my team put so much effort in task B.
I enjoy the task.
 before the discussion ,out team is the last team for the morning session.
Oh Allah.so sleepy for us to wait for our turn…

I thought that if we go for 7.30 am session, we will finish at 8.30 am..


It finished at 11.00AM!!!
Before stepping into the room, we chit chatting.
Bout ourselves..

Oh Allah. The ‘Tech.marine’ guy is sooo funny.

He talked about his dad. His experiences.

His weaknesses in Biology and Chem.

He likes Fizik and AddMath very much..

Yea..he’s a typical normal guy.

He said he never want to speak English in front of his English teaching-dad.

His dad will correct him whatever wrong pronunciations .

‘Yeah..McD have opened huh..Gong Badak will be the second Bandar I think’

‘We’ll have KFC after having McD..the development is fast.’

‘After passing KFC,we’ll passing McD.yeah..i’ll tweet bout it.hahahah.’

‘I Don’T know girls who really fanatic with KPOP.RunningMan.i just don’t get it.’

‘LeeKwang soo..what is that?’

Me: ‘so you watch RM too? How come you know the name?’

‘errrr..i just watch.Not too fanatic with that stuff’

‘I have a friend who everyday wechat bout kpop. Kpop songs..’

‘and I said, whats wrong with you? Everyday bout kpop?’

I just giggle. No comment.

Because I’m a kpopers too.but not too fanatics..

After that he talked ‘bout my high school.

He always drives his father to school [my high school].

‘the  girls at your school have a very weird handshaking right? Like hip hop yoo’

I tried to remember how we used to hand shake.

‘ermmm yea..wierd..But cool..it is popular among juniors. We,seniors no longer use the gesture’

‘you know, when I was waiting for my dad ,I scrutinize the act of the students .i thought that she just 
handshake with a few of her friends ,but with the whole gang’

I laughed. Yea that’s my school.

‘ I feel sorry to students of your school’

Me : why?

‘yeah , you guys get back home at 3pm everyday , you don’t feel tired?’

Me   : we have used to it. In fact we used to get back even latter.

We have succeed !!

[start to write in English. Language is something that you have to keep up always .Not to wait till you have 
speaking test..;) ]

 [ his smile melts my heart ] :p

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