salam alaik..;)

fuhhhh..me got some time for this stuff..
Thank Allah..
hectic giler hidup..
tapi Alhamdulillah,semua hal pass one by one.

lab report all done..;)
ready to focus on upcoming final exam for this sem.
 yea ,i've got motivational quotes from my Madam English,

'life is too short to be stress'

hahaha..very motivating.

to adapt to new place is hard,but once you get the life there,you will enjoy it.

we just have to find the right way to burst out our stress.
evrybody are stress out here.
but we have to remember, adakah kita mempunyai kerajaan sebesar kerajaan Nabi Sulaiman,sehingga kita begitu stress?

keep calm and enjoy the life.

..during pigment experiment..

 ^above picture,Daus ada bagitau " nyempat lagi korang bergambar tengah-tengah experiment"
in heart,i said " kitorang punye experiment dah siap :p "

lol.kedai Vincci.try topi which is look alike leeminho's in city hunter..:p
^for the second time to SCM.
first-first nak nengok movie,then main bowling..

but end up to shopping and window shopping je..

minion rush..:D

^aku ketagih main 'minion rush'  now..
the cutest things for this time lorh...

main rembat handphone kawan je nak main mende tu.
sadis betol.
bersyukur giler ada kawan,classmate yang super cool giler and baik.

kimia-lecture.x paham.terus main hp..:p
^ so sorry madam,i dont understand what have been taught.
so to prevent me from sleeping, i did this..
sangat la kebosanan tahap gaban..
p/s : but later i knew what madam taught..wkwkwk

^ cute madam,but still,bile dah angin malas tu mai menyerbu,takleh kabo nape-nape doh..:D

^ classmate aku ni lagi haru,tidoq terus...
lena giler..

tapi dalam tutorial,boleh je jawab.
giler wa jeles.

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